Amongst Rocketcress & Apple blossom

It is our first summer in our new home, and seeing what flowers grow in the garden and in our neighbourhood has been such a joy. It is amongst the wood anemones, tulips, rocketcress and apple blossom that I find my joy for life return. Our evenings are long and magically golden, and I spend each and every one of them outside, cherishing that this time is finally here. I walk around with my camera or work in the garden. Each evening I have dirt under my finger nails, red skin from brushing up against nettle and a few new mosquito bites. I feel alive and happy.

woman watering her garden

I found this old wood at the back of our property, hidden away under a bush, and it was the perfect size to build a garden box for my herbs! I’ve pre-cultivated them inside and it was finally time to plant them. It’s been so incredibly hot though, and no rain. They’re covered for some shade and I give them a good soak every evening once the sun has moved behind the trees and started to set. Hopefully they survive!

bumblebee flying by rocket cress

I am in love with this capture of a bumblebee during sunset. I had my OM-5 and 20mm F1.4 when I heard the buzzing, and quickly got in position. I framed the flower against the background and was hoping for a sunflare. I turned on the “sequential high” setting, which means the camera takes around 16 images / second as long as you hold down the shutter. I focused and hoped. And one of the many photos was this one!

woman in a yellow dress in sunset amongst tulips

Engaging in photography is absolutely wonderful right now. I’ve been using the 75MM F1.8 & 20MM F1.4 a lot to capture all the flowers and insects. I have also used the 60MM F2.8 Macro a bit, just to get even closer to the cute weevils that live in our garden. Using a low aperture to shoot through grass and other flowers to frame my subject with foreground blur, while getting a soft, creamy and smooth background combined with the summer evening light… ah, it’s just perfect! I read a quote that has really stuck with me lately, that I keep thinking about when it comes to photography.

“Do you just take a photo, or do you feel something when you press the shutter?”

I think it’s so easy to just snap away in this day and age, not thinking twice about your photograph: Does it mean anything to you? Does it convey a feeling? Would you want to showcase it in your portfolio? I feel so much when I take pictures. If I don’t, I simply don’t shoot. Giving it thought and really being selective in when and what we photograph, as well as what we choose to post, is crucial to take the next step in photography.

I have started a new YouTube series where I head out taking photos using only one lens
Grain & Fern Preset Collection

my presets are here!

you have asked for this for so long

And so I have finally released editing presets. A pack with 8 unique presets to enhance your outdoor photos, and a pack with 4 presets for summer

apple blossom

I cannot wait to see what the rest of summer has in store around here, and how all my gardening will go. But in the meantime I am reading about flowers and continuing to take photos of them. The lupins have started to bloom now, so has the lilac. And yesterday I planted some poppies. I also plan on putting down a wildflower seed mix.

What do you guys think of this combination of sharing some of my personal life mixed with photography? I look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, take care and I hope you’re enjoying summer as much as you can.

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