Monday and back to routines

Monday morning. Luci wakes me up around five. At 05:23 I let her out after she scratches the door. I can’t fall back asleep and get up a little before six. I turn on the coffee, drink some orange juice and light a candle. The holidays are over and today we go back to work, back to routines. I have mixed feelings about it. The routines are good for us. But I’ve loved having Dan home for two and a half weeks. What about you, are you fully back to work now? And how does that make you feel?

I wish I could write something poetic about those first sips of coffee in the morning. Gosh it’s good! With the warmth and caffeine slowly waking me up, it’s time to think about today’s agenda:

  • Finish a piece I started during pottery yesterday
  • Do some more work on my web shop (I’ll be selling pottery and prints)
  • Order photo and art paper for my printer
  • Do some final touches in my new studio / office that I renovated over the holidays
  • Sketch a little in my sketchbook
egg & avocado toast with coffee
many a good egg sandwiches have been had over the break

Starting to write here more frequently is a good carrot for me to document my daily life more. For the last couple of years I’ve felt tired from photo gigs, and so I have not used my camera as much privately. But I do miss it and I want photos from my life to look back on, so it feels really good to get back into it again. And really, with how small and lightweight my camera is, I have no excuse not to.

Dan will leave for work soon, which is my cue to make breakfast, get dressed and get going with pottery. After a morning writing in front of the screen a break to get my hands dirty (literally) will be nice. I hope to share more of what I make here soon, and I can’t wait for my shop to be done! I just need to come out on the other side of figuring out shipping rates, packaging, pricing and SKU codes…

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  1. Låter som en härlig morgon (om än lite tidig) och plan för dagen. Håller helt med dig om att börja med vardag och rutiner igen, det är lite ambivalenta känslor men samtidigt är det ju just rutiner som gör att mår bra i det långa loppet. Så länge som det är bra och hälsosamma sådana.

    Hoppas veckan får starta mjukt och inspirerande!

    1. Ja, helt klart något tidig. Blev en sådan morgon idag igen faktiskt… Men ja exakt, man mår ju definitivt bra av rutiner. Skönt att slippa dem för ett tag under ledigheten men det är inte hållbart i det långa loppet. Och såklart viktigt att det är bra rutiner!

      Tack, den har faktiskt varit både mjuk och inspirerande, himla härligt. Hur har din varit?