Slowly learning to fall in love with the messiness of life

I don’t know if this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, or simply an identity crisis. Maybe it’s just my personality of getting sick and tired of things after a while, always seeking change and something new. Regardless, for now I am enjoying the inspiration a new platform is giving me. Lately I’ve felt quite constrained, both in my photography and what I write about. I know I can just share what I want on my current platforms, but there’s something about a clean slate. And how I’ve chosen to design this website makes me feel creative in a whole different way, and as if it allows for more. For something else.

Because I made a certain niche my job I have slowly neglected sharing anything else. Which just isn’t healthy. Like any other human I have many different facettes. So, I am going on a new journey. This is just a side project for now – an outlet for all the other parts of me, and maybe it will stay a side project. Maybe it will grow. We’ll see where this takes me.

Those that have found their way here from my current channels mostly know me as an outdoor photographer. Nature plays a huge part in my life, it feeds my energy and inspiration. But in this space I will share more than just photos and articles related to the outdoor lifestyle. I want to go down philosophical tangents, share photos from lifestyle and portrait shoots, write about food and slow living. Struggles and hardships. I want to share my life.

There was a point where I wrote about all kinds of things from my life. But it was tiring and hard, I felt like I had no personal life and that everything I was doing could potentially be turned into a post. It was hard to relax and just enjoy what was happening. But I do love creating content and sharing things online, and now I feel that I took it too far in the other direction.

Hopefully this time I can find an intermediate, a healthy balance. Thank you for finding your way here, I am excited to have you with me on this new chapter of my online presence!

Also, a shoutout to Jake Frew for coining the line that became the title of this post. I turn 33 soon and this last year I have definitely started to learn to love the messiness of life. We are all a little messy, there is no perfect and it’s okay to be tired, to wear a morning robe all day, to say no to things and cancel plans when it feels like it’s too much.

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