My kimono smells like waffles

Luci woke me up at 04:44. at 05:19 the neighbours dog started barking loudly. Then a car drove past outside. At 05:54 I give up and get up. Put on coffee. Bathroom. Splash my face. For some reason my kimono smells like waffles. I’m immediately hungry. Not sure it if’s because of the smell. Normally I don’t eat breakfast.

At 8:20 I surrender to it and heat up some leftover shakshuka. I had friends over for brunch yesterday and luckily for me we did not eat it all. Then I crash so at 9 I have a nap. The rhythmic sound of the dishwasher lulls me to sleep. I set a timer for 30 minutes. When the alarm goes off I do another 30. Then another 15… It was well needed apparently.

Splash my face again. More coffee. Let’s try and get this day started for real this time! I am headed out for a walk that will eventually lead me to my friend Adele where I’ll be working this afternoon.

cat feet behind a cupboard

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