Mindfully exploring nature

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Morning coffee in the sun

The morning sun in the kitchen is just lovely, and some afternoons I am perched with my coffee up on the roof. Finally the wind has died down, it’s getting warmer outside and things are starting to bloom. As nature begins to awaken I grab my camera + macro lens and head outside.

As I explore nature through my camera I find that I slow down and get more mindful. It’s a great way to hone in on the beautiful details of nature with all its colors, textures and shapes. Moving in closer while feeling safe behind a lens has also helped me approach insects and get over some of my fear that I’ve had for them.

I am constantly amazed at how photography as a tool lets you explore the world, see it in a new light and become more aware of your surroundings!

All photos below are shot using the M.Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 Macro

Macro shot of ants

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  1. Supervackert. Det är så himla fint med makrofotografi, men jag har aldrig hållt på med det. Blir direkt sugen på att börja dock, krypa runt i rabatten och så.