Fall moments

The first week of October has passed, and it’s been a week with a good mix of work, crafts and social meet-ups. I have been spending more time with friends lately and it’s been so good for my mental health. I love freelancing and working from home, but it can certainly feel lonely at times.

For the past years we have mostly been hanging out with colleagues of Dan, and mostly after work and on the weekends. In these wonderful Canadians I have come to find some of my best friends, and a family. We get together often and spontaneously to cook, forage, engage in art or music, play boardgames or host beer tastings. I love them and they are an essential part of my life here ♥︎ But, they are all Canadians and they all work as teachers at the same school – so it is quite the bubble when it comes to language, culture and work talk.

Close friends like these are so important, but I also find it vital to have a varied social circle. Which is why I as of late have joined a study group for pottery where I get to hang out with other people and do something different. This has led to re-igniting an old friendship as well as fortifying a rather new friendship. Nathalie is the one hosting the group, and we hung out years ago but kind of lost contact. But now we’re back at it again which feels great! And then I’ve recently befriended Adele and these last couple of weeks we’ve been hanging out a lot. She’s on maternity leave so she has a lot of free time, and since I freelance and can decide what my workdays look like, I’ve been able to hang out with her during the day when her other friends work, helping her feel less lonely.

It feels good to also have a Swedish friend-group that shares my interest and that are very creative. So lately we’ve gotten together to have coffee and make art; be it drawing or pottery. We have also gone out to do second hand shopping or grabbing fika in town. It’s been great to get out of the house more, especially on these beautiful autumn days. I even found some Shaggy Ink Caps in the city centre that I brought home and cooked with!

The fresh air, crafting with my hands, change of scenery and some socialising has been great for my work-life balance ♥︎

Stenstans bageri Sundsvall
boots on autumn leaves
woman sculpting in clay
Adele is working on a new series of space flower sculptures
pottery and coffee
identifying shaggy ink caps

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