A month of transition

Another chapter comes to an end, and November is a month of transition for me. With the official end of fall, a sad goodbye lingers in the air—my grandmother has passed away. The realisation that nothing has changed in my life, since our worlds were not really connected due to a big physical distance, contrasts sharply with the profound shift knowing she is no longer with us and that thus everything has changed. I knew the sadness was coming, but it’s a bit easier to take a breath now that she’s not fighting anymore.

Simultaneously we are saying farewell to what has been our home for a long time, which adds another layer to this month of transition. This Saturday marks our permanent departure, leaving behind the echoes of memories as we embark on a journey to create a home in a – for now – unfamiliar place.

Yet, amid the farewells, a silver lining unfolds with the arrival of winter. Nature paints a picturesque scene with crisp days, a delicate frost enveloping everything, and sparkles dancing in the air. Winter heralds a fresh chapter in our lives—one that we eagerly embrace with open arms.

It is strange, the ebb and flow of life. How farewells and new beginnings can happen at the same time.

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