Bullet Journaling to get a hold of my life

So, the new year is here. And with that, a brand new bullet journal. I lost my way with journaling for a few years, but have found my way back. For a while I think I cared too much about everything in the journal looking pretty and being “perfect”. It was not fun and did not feel creative anymore, so I stopped. But I have practiced on sketching with an ink pen a lot lately, and learned to embrace mistakes and that nothing is perfect. So it was time to get back into it again.

2024 bullet journal in candle light

This book is in a sense my entire life: planning and organisation (both for life and work) as well as a creative outlet as I sketch or make collages, and it is also my journal. Last year was a bit of a messy year for me personally with a lot of family stuff weighing me down, and as a result my mind was scattered. I forgot a lot and was not very organised. With a new year and a fresh start, this journal is one step towards remedying it. In terms of organisation, this is how it’s set up this year:


A quick overlook of the contents of my journal and on which page things can be found.


An overview of each month where I can jot down planned work and events that take place in the future.


A spread dedicated to a mind map of my goals, divided into 4 categories: personal, creative, work & health.

Then before each month there’s an overview of it to write down all events that take place, and after that each week get’s it’s own spread. In between I will journal about life, sketch, add images from magazines, beautiful coffee or beer labels I come across, or I jot down ideas for work and so on. I absolutely love having it all mixed in one book and at the end of the year it’s a joy to go through it!

a bullet journal in candle light

Bullet Journaling will help you

Clear Your Mind

Process the Present

Cultivate What Works

Write Your Life

woman in a wool dress

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  1. Hey Rania, I enjoy your journal and photo’s. It inspires me in my own photography. I was wondering if you will write or make a video about your editing process.

    1. Hi Sylvia, and thank you! It makes me very happy to hear that you feel inspired. Many people have asked me about editing lately, so I do think I need to plan a video ????