Mushroaming And Forest Bathing

I’ve been out in the forest almost every day this week. I am wandering, breathing… Mushroaming and forest bathing at the same time I suppose. I am madly in love with my new found passion! The hunt is so exciting and it motivates me to be outside.

Last week has been full of meeting, emails, admin work, project planning and updating my portfolio at Johnér. I feel so incredible blessed that I get to close the screen, put on my boots and walk up the street and be in the forest 5 minutes later. It’s been a very needed break from all the work at the office.

It’s such a great year for picking mushrooms of the bolete family and I already have several jars filled with dried mushrooms that will take us through until the next season. Seeing them up on our kitchen shelf and thinking about the autumn stews and pastas I’ll enjoying with my own mushrooms when I can no longer pick them makes me feel rich. 

I will probably continue picking all through September and maybe October too. Hopefully come winter I will find some velvet shanks, they’re on my mushroom dream list. I would not say no to more Oyster Mushrooms either as I want to explore more cooking with them. I made a warm winter salad with a few I found and it was delicious!

Three other mushrooms on my dream list are parasol mushrooms, cauliflower mushrooms and chicken of the woods. The last one I think will be the hardest to find where I live, but I will ask my local mycology group if they’ve found it here or if we are too far north. 

Have you been picking a lot of mushrooms so far this fall? If so, do you have a favourite and what do you usually do with them? I’d love to know and trade recipes and ideas!

hands cleaning a bolete
cleaning your mushrooms directly in the forest means less work and crud at home
kavat boots in a mossy forest
foraging bag full of mushrooms
a pile of boletes laid out

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