Travelling alone & enjoying a slowcation

It’s an early morning in September and I have just gotten on a train headed to Örebro. I am going to spend a few days alone during a slowcation and I feel really good about it, it’ll be a nice change of pace and a way for me to get back into photography a bit more again and really focus on my work. As the train starts rolling south I feel myself immediately relax and enter a different state. 

While sitting there I reflect on being alone and feeling lonely and how they are so very different. Since I have worked from home for years and spend most of my days alone I have learned to really enjoy my own company. I rarely feel lonely, and I like that I get to decide what my days are like and that I can take all the time I want doing certain things.

How you you feel about travelling alone and doing things on your own?

There’s something about trains and this way of travelling that let’s me focus in a different way. I always feel very productive and inspired. With a moody fall landscape outside the window and warm coffee in my thermos I listen to podcasts, read and plan future work. With nothing else seeking my attention I can really hone in on things in a way I cannot do at home.

Time flies by and before I know it I step off in Örebro. I get lunch from Lill-Annas Café before getting on a bus that will take me out to nature. I am here to enjoy a slowcation on my own and the journey here truly was a good start to my trip. Even before reaching my destination I feel that I have started to wind down.

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Blåbergen – Spa, events, conference & brewery

Have you ever met people that you feel are just the right people in the right place, doing the right thing? That’s exactly how I feel about Annika and Robert. What they are doing with this place is spot on, and they are two amazing people making sure you feel at home and that you are seen and cared for. Not long after my arrival they felt like people I had known for a very long time and that I could trust and confide in. 

Amongst billowing fields at the foot of Kilsbergen you’ll find Blåbergen – an oasis and the perfect place to breathe and relax. After spending a very short amount of time here I noticed my breaths were slower and deeper. I got a tour of the place and then we sat down for some afternoon fika before I changed into my swim suit and enjoyed an amazing hamam treatment. I’ve never done that before and it felt really good and like the last of my stress was washed away.

Glamping on the countryside

Feeling refreshed and like a new person I walked across the farm in my bare feet. I felt inspired by the environment and took loads of photos. After a while dinner time came around and so I headed towards my home for the night – a wonderful and cozy glamping tent.

The tents are decorated really nicely and have everything one might need; like electricity and a fridge as well as a BBQ and hot tub outside. Proper glamping! They are placed tucked away from the farm so that you can be on your own.

I loved winding down here and wished I could’ve stayed longer just reading, writing and taking photos.

As I sat by my tent with a beer preparing my dinner I watched the oat sway in the wind and the sun set behind the barn. I ate with the moon as my company as the fog started to roll in over the fields and the deer came out to graze. It was so quiet, still and magical.

I definitely did not feel lonely here, and pondered over the difference between the words lonely and alone. I think you can learn to be alone and enjoy it, while others feel lonely. I spend most of my days alone as I don’t go to an office or anything to work, and so I have grown used to enjoying my own company. It’s a skill I realised here that I value deeply.

Through the darkness I tiptoe to Roberts pub, a place where he brews his own beer and where people can come to partake in tastings, learn about the craft and even brew their own beer. Here I spend a few hours engaging with Robert in a private beer tasting. It’s very special to do it one-on-one and I got to ask a lot of questions about beer. We smelt and felt the different types of hops and malt: I love getting a more tactile feel to what I enjoy drinking. With some of the grains I burst out “this is what my favourite beers taste like!” 

After a while Annika joined us and together we continued trying beer while delving into deeper conversations about society and norms, health and social media. We got a few good laughs in as well and as I walk quietly back to my tent in the light of my headlamp I feel filled with joy and warmth. One of the best things about traveling is meeting new people.

I wake up early and open up my tent to stare right into the eyes of a deer. The fog is thick on the fields and it’s cold and crisp outside. I make some coffee and have breakfast in bed wrapped in all the blankets. I did not want to close the tent flaps as I enjoyed being able to watch nature awaken with me.

As I sit there I think about the word slow and what it means to me. I think some people associate the word slow with not really doing anything, but for me it is all about making very conscious choices, listening to what you actually want and to be very aware about what’s going on inside you as well as around you. 

For me it has helped to have my camera with me. As I explore the world around me to take photos I walk more slowly, look at everything longer and I hone in on details. I am more aware of textures, light, shapes and colors. These days, even when I don’t have my camera with me I notice that I have this mindset. 

So in a sense, photography has helped me to slow down and be more aware. 

After a slow morning I say goodbye with a heavy heart, wishing I could stay longer or that I lived closer so that I could come and visit more often. This place as well as the people here did something to me that I don’t think I’ve been able to capture in words or images. On the train back home I read and nap for a bit. It is a good time to let all my experiences sink in a bit more.

Then I get to experience the best part about being away: coming home

It’s absolutely wonderful. As I step through the door I am met by our cozy apartment, the smell of home, the warm embrace of my love and Lucis’ cute attempts at meowing. Being away makes me miss what I have and returning is such a wonderful feeling.

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