I moved on months ago

A quiet morning. I have moved my office desk downstairs and an old wooden table that came with the house has taken it’s place. This table is where my days always start now. Earlier this week with my friend Katarina on the other side as we talked, wrote, bullet journaled or watched the news. This morning I’m alone. Dan is still in bed and Luci is asleep on her favorite chair in a corner.

I like the solitude though. Especially in the mornings. It’s just me and my thoughts and I get to slowly wake up as the warm coffee heats my body and the caffeine gets the blood going. I made the mug myself which makes this moment even more sacred. It’s small though, needs a refill quite often. But that’s not a bad thing, it does not have time to get cold before I finish it.

hands holding handmade ceramic mug

My tapping on the keyboard woke Luci up and she came to say hi. I am sure she will want to go outside now. I might as well combine that with getting more coffee. Oh, she seems content watching birds through the window for now. I lean my face against her soft, warm fur and watch with her. I do not always see what she does. Her eyes are far superior to mine.

Okay, more coffee: check. I am trying this journaling technique Katarina told me about, called Morning Journals. It sounds like a a good way to get my thoughts going and to write more. It’s supposed to be pen on paper though so I am adapting it a bit. Oh, of course Luci did want to go outside now, as soon as I sat down. Silly cat. The wooden chair I sit on is old, and creaks a lot. All this getting up and sitting back down is not great when I am trying to let Dan sleep. Oops. Might need to put a different chair here. Anyway, morning pages:

Morning pages are a stream-of-consciousness journaling habit done first thing every morning on a daily basis. The idea is to wake up, open your morning journal, and write three pages of longhand of any thoughts that come out of your head. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, created this approach to journaling as a way for people to unleash their creativity.

MasterClass article on Morning Pages as part of their Journaling Tips

Today is the last day of the year. As always where our new year is does not really resonate with me. It does not follow the seasons and makes very little sense. We move from December to January. Nature does nothing. It’s still winter, still dark. I always feel the change when fall arrives, and it marks a good end to the year. Nature is slowly going into slumber, preparing to rest for the new year. We reap what we’ve sowed, just lettuce and radishes for me, and in the forest there is plenty of food to gather and store for the darker months ahead. This year I did not dehydrate as many mushrooms, most where enjoyed fresh with pasta and loads of garlic and butter. And good thing we did now that butter is so expensive! Blueberries and cherries where put in the freezer though. Some turned into jam and marmalade. We picked our apples and made cider for the first time (it’s already gone because it was sooo good).

Anyway. Today is when everyone else celebrates the new year. So I will gather with friends, eat good food, talk about the year that’s past and ring in the new year. It will be an enjoyable evening of course. I love gathering with good people to eat and spend quality time together, regardless of the occasion.

But in my bones I know that I have moved on to a new chapter a few months ago, just like nature.

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